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Services - Strategy and Governance

Identify the right course and align the skills to succeed on the journey!

Strategic Planning

to promote an identification and alignment process between social object (objectives), values​and assets in order to plan, implement and monitor goals, indicators and actions to motivate and coordinate improvements in the performance and results of the institution.

Governance Structuring

to build (or enhance) a governance structure that strengthens the role of the sponsoring entity (or owners), clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of governance agents and maximize synergies between stakeholders' interests and sponsored institutions.

Economic-financial strategy

to design the asset structure and the capital structure, in the short and long term, that better enable the institutional strategy.

Price Strategy

to propose the prices that best quantify the marketing mix of the institution. In this construction it is considered, among others, the didactic-pedagogical project, the demand’s profile and concepts of price-demand elasticity.

Budget Planning

to build operational, cash and investment budgets, in the short and long term, that includes co-responsibility, control, without losing the agility of the decision-making process, in order to maximize the resources’ effects on the strategic objectives.


to structure financial mechanisms that: enable choosing the course that makes a difference in the life of the student; allow concluding in the time proposed by the institution; and that reduce evasion levels, improving the performance of the institution.

Improving purchasing performance

implementing methods and practices that qualify and improve the performance of the purchasing function, reduce the total cost of purchasing and improve the institution's investment capacity. The method used provides results in the very short term and a technical upgrade of the purchasing team so that the earnings are continuous.

Educational Analysis

elaboration of analysis and holding lectures, in events or educational institutions, on economic scenario, perspectives and challenges for the management in the Brazilian educational market.

Public policies and regulation

to advise executive and legislative bodies in the construction of public policies, projects, norms and regulations for the education sector.